E l i z a b e t h                          

Adept in various facets of art, Elizabeth's skills synergistically meld in the creation of what she describes as the ultimate collage: your home.  

Elizabeth wields extensive training in various art forms, art history, psychology, and interior design. As a result, her work is chic and unexpected, yet inviting and warm. Guided by the unique character and lifestyle of each client, she incorporates the individual’s personality in the creation of their space.

Elizabeth creates just the right environment for each individual and family. She takes care in the combination of light, texture, color, form, and even subject matter, to create spaces that reflect those who inhabit them. In doing so, she creates spaces that bring joy, and peace of mind. 

The place where we spend our time has profound impact on our psyche and soul. This translates to our well being. I step into my role as designer, by merging the aesthetic and the psyche. My passion is to create spaces that bring joy and piece of mind, then sprinkle them with a dash of humor.