C o m p l e t e   D e s i g n 

From start to finish, Elizabeth works with you to create a vision for your entire home or business.  She will examine how you would like your space to work and combine this with the mood that you would like your environment to elicit. You are essential to her design process, and she will guide you to ensure that she understands your specific goals and needs. The scope of a Complete Interior Design is all-encompassing for brand new spaces.

P a r t i a l   D e s i g n 

Rather than re-imagining your space entirely, you may want to re-work or build upon your current designs. Elizabeth can help you match a new room to the rest of the home, or design various spaces throughout the home that you may want to refresh.  She will absorb the character and personality of your home, and modify it just so, or re-work a few elements to attain your desired affect. The scope of a Partial Design will vary per project, depending on your needs.

R e b o o t 

Give your home a REBOOT!  By re-organizing what you already own and love, Elizbeth will create a balanced and refreshed perspective.  Sometimes, with an agreed upon budget, a few small elements will be purchased to make a statement or complete a story. This is a highly cost affective way to reinvigorate your space, with huge impact in very little time.