Welcome to your partner in the Joy Of Design. Our specialty is creating the unexpected, fresh yet welcoming space that you dream about. We cater to you by develping environments that work with your specific life style, making day to day life flow more easily. Our projects are reflective of each client’s personality.

Elizabeth’s diverse background makes her work ‘out of the box’ and unique. Her undergraduate film degree is from The Rhode Island School of Design where she also received extensive formal design training. Upon graduating she attended The Art Institute of Chicago for a masters degree in Art Therapy. Elizabeth’s unique background drives Elizabeth’s belief that beyond aesthetics is the essential need for our personal space to function as a portal for recharging and nurturing the soul.

Adept in various facets of art and design, Elizabeth's skills synergistically meld in the creation of what she describes as the ultimate living collage: your home.  

Elizabeth is forever learning. She wields extensive training and degrees in various art forms as well as other interests of study. These include painting, pottery, sculpture, art history, psychology spiritual studies, yoga and of course, interior design. As a result, her work is chic and unexpected, yet inviting and warm. Because of her diverse background Elizabeth is guided by the unique character and lifestyle of her clients. She then incorporates these elements in every project. She caters to you and how you live.

Elizabeth is meticulous about developing just the right environment for her clients.  She create spaces that reflect those who inhabit them. The undeniable result are spaces that bring joy and create peace of mind. 



Design should be fun and your home should bring you joy!!! The places where we spend our time have profound impact on our psyche and soul. This translates to our well being. My training and experience as an art therapist has had profound influenced on my life and creative process. I step into my role as designer, by merging the aesthetic and its affect on the psyche. My passion is to create spaces that bring joy and peace of mind. And of course, sprinkling them with a dash of humor.